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The condensation water on the window is solved in this way!

Why there are "water drops" in doors and windows

What's the reason for the drops on the windows in winter?

In winter, there are drops of water on the windows, which is a physical phenomenon of liquefaction. The main reason is that there is a big difference between indoor temperature and outdoor temperature in winter. The indoor temperature is high and humid, and the moisture in the air is large. When the indoor moisture meets the colder windows, the water vapor will condense into water droplets inside the windows.

Under the corresponding temperature and humidity conditions, the air has a dew point temperature. The dew point temperature refers to the temperature when the air is cooled to saturation without changing the water vapor content and air pressure. It's the temperature at which the moisture in the air turns into dew.

When the surface temperature of the surrounding solid (glass, window sash, window frame) is lower than the corresponding dew point temperature, the moisture in the air condenses into water on the surface of the object, forming the "condensation phenomenon". When the condensation is serious or cannot evaporate quickly, the water will gather and flow everywhere along the glass surface.

How to solve the problem of condensation of doors and windows


First of all, if the weather is not too cold, the windows can be opened properly to drain the moisture out of the room. Of course, you can also increase the temperature of the window to reduce moisture condensation, you can choose blinds or thick curtains to improve the temperature of the window.

Secondly, the difference between indoor temperature and outdoor temperature should be controlled to minimize the moisture in indoor air. If you use a humidifier, you'd better turn off part of the humidifier, otherwise the humidifier will discharge water into the air, and once you meet the window, it will form water vapor condensation.

So in this winter, whether your home is plastic steel doors and windows insulating glass, or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows insulating glass, there will be water droplets, this is a normal physical phenomenon, so don't make a fuss.