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You should know these little things about changing doors and windows

Demolition of old doors and windows, money saving tips

As the saying goes, the old to welcome the new, remove the old to fill out the new position. Before the installation of new doors and windows, the old doors and windows need to be removed first. Old doors and windows can't be removed too early. Generally, it's better to install new doors and windows immediately after removing old doors and windows. The old doors and windows can't be thrown away as garbage, it can also be depreciated, saving a sum of money!

Selection of demolition method for old doors and windows

If the owners have their own experience, they can dismantle the old doors and windows and sell them to the recyclers; Or choose a special person to collect old doors and windows in the market, who will not only be responsible for dismantling, but also give some old doors and windows recycling fees, but generally not very high; In addition, it is more reliable and safe for the door and window manufacturers to demolish them. However, according to the industry practice, the demolished doors and windows will directly take away the demolition cost.

Notes on removal of old doors and windows

1. Pay attention to personnel safety

The removal of doors and windows is a hard work. If it is a high-rise building, special attention should be paid to the safety of construction personnel. When removing doors and windows, special safety personnel should be responsible for safety, and safety warning signs should be set to ensure their own safety and others' safety.

2. Avoid damage to the wall structure

When the doors and windows are demolished, it is necessary to avoid using a sledgehammer to demolish them to prevent damage to the wall structure. If the original building wall is damaged, it needs to be repaired, which will greatly increase the construction cost.

General process of door and window removal

Before the removal of doors and windows, the person in charge of the installation of doors and windows shall conduct a comprehensive safety and technical disclosure to the installation workers. So that the installation personnel can grasp all kinds of matters needing attention in the demolition construction of doors and windows.

1. Remove the door and window sash first

The door and window sash should be removed with a screwdriver, hammer and other tools. During the removal process, one person should remove the door and window, and one person should be responsible for the stability of the door and window. After the door is removed, it should be put down with care, and it is strictly forbidden to push it down at high altitude.