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Angle assembling technology of doors and windows

When choosing doors and windows, we always pay attention to the quality and price of door and window profiles, hardware accessories and glass types, but few people pay attention to the splicing method of door and window corners. Our doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy building profiles. When the profile is made into a fan frame, it is necessary to use the corner assembly process to splice the profiles. The angle assembling process plays an important role in the stability of doors and windows. Different angle assembling processes have different effects on the assembly mode and overall performance of doors and windows.

The function of angle combination is to increase the angle strength of doors and windows, maintain the stability of the basic frame of doors and windows, and enable doors and windows to cope with various human, wind, temperature changes and other impact forces. Generally speaking, the angle assembly process can be roughly divided into pin injection process, movable angle code process and impact angle process.

Pin injection technology

Pin injection is two different concepts. Pin is a part and injection is a process flow. The corner code used in pin injection process is composed of corner code film and integral pure aluminum corner code, which has stronger toughness and stability. In the assembly of doors and windows, we often use more weather resistant angle glue to smear and seal, in order to strengthen the sealing performance of doors and windows.